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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nikon Coolpix S51
So I totally would love to win this camera!! The camera that I have now is not shot, not in the least. It still takes great pictures but I really need a camera that has image stabilization because my hands tend to shake so badly all the time. And that means that if I do not want blurry pictures then I have to shoot when I am holding the camera in both hands. Otherwise the picture comes out a blurry smeary mess. The only other thing about the camera is that every time that you turn on the camera the screen with the date and whatnot pops up. And as many times as I try to re-set it so it doesn't do that, it just refuses to stay I think it is because I had a couple minutes there when Z and I were at Busch Gardens and I could not stop dropping it on the sidewalk...ughh. So all in all it is still a good camera with a lot of life left in it. That is why I have decided to give it to Z after I get a new one **fingers crossed that I can win the one the contest that is linked at the top of this post**. I think at this time Z would take care of it and appreciate it more than Hay. I mean he did just turn! Actually what I think I would like for Hay would be a more kid-undescrutable type of camera. Heck, maybe even a video camera where she could tape herself singing and dancing. Now that could be a really cute idea for a birthday or Christmas present for her...I like it

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