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Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Yoono Toolbar

I decided a few weeks ago that in order to free up more space on the computer I was going to remove some programs from the computer. Well, one of those programs just happened to be the Yoono toolbar. I truly did not realize how much I liked it until I started to noticing that I wasn't really keeping up with as I had been previously to removing the toolbar. It was just so cool to have that little box down there in the corner pop up with some random piece of information or conversation. Long story short I broke down and reinsalled it to my computer. So far I have no noticed the computer running any harder than it had been previously this evening...and I am even on So I am coming to the conclusion hence far that the energy sucking problem was coming from another source.
Oh, so sorry, back to the Yoono toolbar. After I re-installed it I decided to register as a new user instead of saying I had already had an account...a fresh start you might say. And boy, let me tell ya, I am sure glad that I did. I totally had my old toolbar just sort of jacked up. I did not know that I could get updates for myspace which just makes a ton of sense to have for me then having Facebook, where I really never go on and don't really know any of the "friends" that I have on there. So really psyched about that!!! I also understood more about the inviting friends portion of it then I had last time. I am not even sure if I added any email contacts the last time I did it. So all in all I am really excited that I have my Yoono back!!!!

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adamjackson said...

Hi! My name is Adam and I'm the community manager for Yoono. I'm so happy you love our product. I have an account on Twitter ( and you can reply to me there anytime if you have any questions.

We're so happy to have people just like you raving about our product. Thanks for your support. See ya online!