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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Luv's Take A Stand Contest

This is a sign that I made in order to try to help win our PTA $1000 dollars. The school board has voted for a healthier school lunch menu and whatnot (which is truly a good thing, not complaining about school lunches being more healthy...but with this ruling they have taken away from our PTA about $50 per week. Every Friday afternoon the kids enjoy what is called "Fun Friday" and we PTA ladies go to the school after the kids are done with lunch and sell them either a sno-cone, snack or both. Last year we were able to sell the kids some candy but this year we are not to sell anything even remotely close to candy, chips or cookies. Which really has only left us with a few choices for snacks...and these snacks are more expensive (isn't that really always the way it is with healthy foods, they always seem to cost more...) which means that fewer kids are able to buy a sno-cone and a snack. And as I have already mentioned, this is really cutting into the PTA's fundraising profits. "Fun Fridays" and our annual Fall Festival are our two major means of making money. We do not want the kids to have to do fundraisers. They are too young to be out begging for money and it is just not a safe world that we live in anymore. So, we could really use the money in order to help out with our funds. PTA pays for quite a few bonuses and wonderful incentives for our kids. We pay for the part of RIF that is not already taken care of. We also pay for the dances and celebrations that the kids get to attend for good behavior, honor roll, things of that nature. I really would love for anyone that reads this blog to please go and vote for our sign and help win the kids some money!!! Thanks so much!!

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Ben and Bennie said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts directed to our son over the past few days! Best wishes always.